EPOS-ERIC and its associated Thematic Core Services (together “EPOS-EU”) is the single, genuinely pan-European, distributed research infrastructure for data and facilities related to studies of the entire Solid Earth. EPOS-EU provides data and data services from various disciplines in solid Earth Sciences according to FAIR data principles. These data and services are supplied by a multitude of national providers in a homogenised fashion according to standards defined by the thematic communities (Thematic Core Services, TCS).

At present, nine TCSs are delivering data and data services to EPOS:

A "Tsunami TCS" is in development. Swedish researchers are actively involved in the TCSs that are marked with a Swedish flag.

Each TCS works in a different way according to what is seen as best practice in the thematic community. However, all TCSs collect and amalgamate their communities' wealth of data according to existing and/or newly developed (community) standards and deliver these to the EPOS Integrated Core Services (ICS), which in turn provide all EPOS data and services to the user.