In the Thematic Core Service “Seismology” (TCS-Seismology), EPOS-Sweden provides data from the Swedish National Seismological Network (SNSN) to EPOS.
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The objectives of the TCS “Seismology” is to establish sustainable and harmonized services that provide access to – and interaction with – seismological data, products, and tools (services) on a European level. In addition, the TCS Seismology will provide access to computational seismology infrastructure (via ICS-D). Many seismic networks in and outside Europe already provide access to data via such infrastructures and the data are utilized on a daily basis, both for rapid hazard related information (earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides) and by researchers all over the world. The SNSN currently has 67 permanent seismic stations in operation. Recording, transmission to Uppsala and analysis of data are handled by IT-hardware at SNSN, in collaboration with mobile communication providers.

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