In the Thematic Core Service “Geological Information and Modelling” (TCS-GIM), EPOS-Sweden provides services for the discovery and data access of scientific borehole/drilling data to EPOS.
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Scientific drilling includes boreholes from projects that were drilled under the auspices of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP); boreholes drilled as expeditions of the International Ocean Discovery Program IODP(-2) and its predecessors (IODP, ODP, DSDP); and other scientific boreholes. Scientific drilling data include data sets on the drilling operations, the borehole documentation (downhole logging, etc.) and the documentation of the sample material and samples (data sets and descriptions). The existence of these data sets and their extent may vary from project to project. For this purpose, the TCS GIM has developed a model for interoperable borehole data that fits both commercial and scientific drilling projects. This model has taken existing geospatial standards into account and is planned to be developed towards an OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) Standard. A first step in this direction was taken with the OGC Borehole Interoperability Experiment. Version 1 of this model has been implemented by the TCS-GIM.

The TCS-GIM is responsible for the provision of geological data and subsurface models to EPOS. These data provide a broad geoscientific background of information and knowledge to the otherwise diverse but always specialised data in EPOS. Geological data comprise to a large extent datasets provided by the national geological surveys like bedrock geology, georesources, and geohazards. Important data sets from scientific and commercial drilling projects, which provide unique in-situ observations from the subsurface, are included as well.

The TCS-GIM consists of a thematic node at the Geological Survey of France (BRGM) that acts as the central access point to the distributed databases. The following data services are provided (largely following international standards (International Standard Organization ISO, Open Geospatial Consortium OGC) with extensions where necessary):

  • Data set (e.g. “boreholes of <country>”, “scientific boreholes”) discovery (ISO19115; OGC CSW), provided by the TCS node.
  • Instance (borehole) discovery (OGC GeoSciML4; OGC WMS and WFS). This service with selected attributes for search, filter and spatial visualisation functionality (“discovery data”) is provided by UU for scientific boreholes (it can be accessed directly). The TCS harvests the content from all borehole databases and provides a similar service with the amalgamated information to EPOS.
  • Borehole data (data model developed from scratch; OGC O&M and others; OGC WFS) are provided directly to the EPOS portal or end user without interference by the TCS node, i.e. UU provides the borehole data service for scientific drilling data.

At present, the EPOS Sweden module on scientific drilling data provides

  • the full borehole discovery and information service according to TCS-GIM specifications for appropriately curated data.
  • borehole information on legacy projects in the discovery and borehole service, with links to full data sets in their respective external repository.