European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly, 14th to 19th April 2024:

You are welcome to register for the EPOS short course

SC5.18 Learning how to use the EPOS Data Portal: harnessing cross-disciplinary research
Co-organized by ESSI6/NH12
Convener: Jan Michalek | Co-conveners: Federica Tanlongo, VASCO AVRAMO

and to submit abstract to the session

ITS1.21/TS9.2 Multi- inter- and transdisciplinary studies in solid Earth science and beyond: challenges and new perspectives.
Convener: Carine Bruyninx | Co-conveners: Federica Tanlongo, Fabio Feriozz, Kauzar Saleh Contell, Jan Michalek

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